Sonam Kapoor's Workout for Khoobsurat

When I think of a physiotherapist, the first few thoughts that come to my mind are long hours on your feet, great posture, and strong lean physiques that allow easy manipulation of the client’s bodies. This is exactly the look Sonam Kapoor sported in her film, Khoobsurat, where she plays the role of “royal misfit” Milli with the added twist of clumsiness…a little bit of the real Sonam Kapoor was added to the reel character!

Power snacks to get you through the day

Women today play multiple roles – wife, mother, homemaker, career woman, and sometimes even chauffer and chaperone! These multiple roles call for more energy, stamina, and strength throughout her busy schedule.

Here are 5 easy power snacks every working woman needs to carry to ensure energy levels stay high through her power-packed day

Top 5 Nutrition FAQs

1. I know I need to eat every 2-3 hours but I am not hungry so why should I eat?

2. I have read that olive oil is the healthiest oil and am now cooking only in that. Is that good?

3. I always have a headache and feel very tired, especially at around 4 pm. However, I eat well and it is mostly homemade food. What could be going wrong?