Sonam Kapoor’s Workout for Khoobsurat

When I think of a physiotherapist, the first few thoughts that come to my mind are long hours on your feet, great posture, and strong lean physiques that allow easy manipulation of the client’s bodies. This is exactly the look Sonam Kapoor sported in her film, Khoobsurat, where she plays the role of “royal misfit” Milli with the added twist of clumsiness…a little bit of the real Sonam Kapoor was added to the reel character!

The road to the making of Milli was tough and grueling – thirty-plus days in Bikaner, our traveling gym, and cold temperatures, however, Sonam rose to the challenge! Here is a sneak peak at Sonam’s hardcore workout routine:
1. Morning and evening workouts – mornings focused on weight training and the days ended with Pilates.

2. Weight training was moderate to heavy lifting to help increase Sonam’s muscle mass which
included a combination of:
a. Twice a week – functional training using bodyweight and doing day-to-day functional movements such as twisting, lateral lunges, and step-ups
b. Compounded exercises – using multiple muscles in one exercise – for example, chest press on the Swiss ball and squats with medicine ball overhead press
c. Super sets where we focused only on large muscle groups – no break between sets and we go back and forth between two exercises, for example, push-ups to bent over rows or standing single-leg extensions to deadlifts

3. Sonam did a 45-minute Pilates session in the evening which helped to increase core strength, flexibility, and concentration
a. We traveled with a Pilates Reformer, an apparatus that allows for a full-body integration workout
b. The flexibility aspect of Pilates was much needed to avoid injury from tight muscles, which can happen with too much weight training
c. With an emphasis on the core, the powerhouse of your body, Pilates workouts help make all other workouts much more effective

The end result of the intense double duty workouts was a lean, flexible, and somewhat poised Sonam Kapoor, aka Milli!
With the right exercise and nutrition, you too can get a strong lean and flexible body. Our studios are now up and running but if you are traveling or can’t make it to Mumbai, try our online classes and we assure you won’t feel the barriers of physical space.

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