A combination of Mat and Barre exercise if like the best of both the worlds. Along with the benefits of Mat Pilates give your immune system an effective boost while flushing out the lungs and airways, increasing blood circulation, and raising your body temperature to help fight infections with Mat and Barre classes.
Try this combination of high and low intensity moves targets the entire body including sometimes neglected smaller muscles. Get ready for toning and strengthening of your muscles at the same time.


Get long lean muscles, killer abs and feel instantly good by treating your body with a power packed workout! Try this for a quick all in one plank flow to strengthen (arms, shoulders and abs), stretch (hip flexors) and mobilise (spine and hips) with team RBB.


Try this core focused full body workout as we fuse foundational Pilates movements with functional training. {don’t know what else to write about this}


Get the best of both the worlds – Pilates and cardio kickboxing with Piloxing. A combination that works on stamina and endurance along with core strengthening. Discover yourself through movement with spinal mobility. Train like a warrior and give your body a punch of adrenaline that’ll leave you feeling stronger and healthier.

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“Change happens through movement and movement heals”


~Joseph Pilates


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